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Nov?Dec '91

Luke Walsh

Banana Strip:
Luke Walsh

Andy McDermot — Pop Trash Culture Man Vs. The Guardians of Purity
S.D.Ma Transcribed — The UKCAC '91 Small Press Panel (1st half)
Paul Schroeder & Andy Roberts — The Longest Comic Strip in The World


36 A4 pages






Ed Pinsent

James Connolly

Surreal Western Comics #1

Mack White

John Mulcreevy

The Holy Suppliment

Martin Hand
Toft Patches
Steve Whitaker
Dick Baker
Paul Johnson
+ more

Paul Schroeder

Way Out Strips #3

Carol Swain
Ed Pinsent wrote 1 story

Luke Walsh

Calvin — A Love Story

Alan Holt

Hamish Ironside

Dead Trees #s 1&2

Graham Johnstone
Kevin Hobbs
Harry Healey
David Dow
Colin Forrester
Gillian Steel

Luke Walsh
Gavin Burrows

Tangled Trees

Graham Johnstone

Gavin Burrows

Frankly #s 1&2

Garry Gibson
Simon Mackie
Chris Fraser
Andy Nixon
Geoff Harold
Paul Cockburn
John Miller
Ben Rowdon
Michael Mooney
Steve Tanner
Will F. Pickering
Mr Roberts
+ more?

Luke Walsh


Steve Whitaker
Paul Schroeder
Ned Ingham
Ben Witley
& the rest of the kids Saturday Morning Class

Carol Swain


Paul Duncan (W)
Shane O'Dwyer (A)

Carol Swain

Stomping Scene#4

Damian Cugley
Jeremy Dennis
+ more

Mike Kidson

Chortlers #1


David A. Simpson

Apt #s 2&3

Bib Edwards

Ian Herring

Ugly Mug #4

Harley Richardson
Darryl Cunningham
Mark Baines
Mark Robinson

Gavin Burrows

3 in a Bed #1

Jeremy Dennis

Luke Walsh

Tales of Skittle Sharpers and Thimble Riggers #1

Sam Peck (W)
(Actually, Chris Butler)
Chris Hogg (A)

Ed Pinsent

Hardcore #5

Jael Nuit
Simon Davis
D.F. Lewis
James Swallow
Scott Dorward

John Mulcreevy

Drowning in Darkness

Dave Chapman

David A. Simpson

Ninja Secretaries from beyond Dimension X

Peter Wake
Dave Chapman

John Mulcreevy

Another True Stories

Lee Perry
Tom Elwes

Andy McDermot

Voices From the Other Side

Pete Ketley
Dave McNamara
George Francis Eyo
+ more...

Gavin Burrows

Crossing the Borders

Pete Ketley
Dave McNamara
Neil Campbell
Jason Burr
Sharon Silver
Luke Walsh
Clare Doherty
Gerhard Schlegel
Mario & Dwarf

Gavin Burrows

Sid Watches Telly

Lawrence Burton

John Mulcreevy


Bob Lynch

Mike Kidson

Vic 'n' Tim

Peter Rigg

Andrew Moreton

Infernal Gods of Electric Disaster #2

Pete Doree

Ian Herring

Return to Planet Mong #1

Andy Bailey
Roy Pyper
Pete Browne
John Reitze

Andy McDermot

The Adventuures of Luther Awkright — Crystal Palace Exhibition 1991

Bryan Talbot
Neil Gaimen
Terry Wiley
Dave McKinnon
+ more...

David A. Simpson

Unscene Comics


Hamish Ironside

Freak City Blues Snoozers


Hamish Ironside


The Asphalt Brothers

Jason Richardson

Atomic #11

Ed. Tony Foster

The Big Lift #3


Blah Blah Blah!

Ed. Danny King

Bob Comics

Bob Lynch

Buddies #1

Ed Howard Stangeroom (?)


Ed. Carol Bennent

Continuity #1

Larry Watson's report on the 1st Continuity small press comics convention


Ed. Garen Ewing

Defective Comics

Dream Logic

Nick Abadzis
Steve Whitaker

Extreme Magazine

Ed. T. Hojager Oleson

Fandom House Catalogue

American Small Press Catalogue

Fantastic Life #s 1&2

Steve Marchant

Filling a Hole

Richard Middleton


Scotish anthology

Francis Ronnan Bradbeer

Poetry, Prose & Illustrations


Ed. Larry Watson

Funny Ha Ha

Davey Francis


Reading Girls Comic Group

Hairy Hi-Fi #4

Ed. John Bagnall

Head #1

Open access zine

Heropress Showcase

Ed. Chris Lowe


Ed. Dave Potts

Issue 2

Humour comic (Ed. Dai Owen?)

John and Other Stories

Graham Harwood

The Lionherat papers

Mike Stoneman

Love #1

Steve Poulacheris
Andy Williams


Ed. Pete Stanbury

Mini Mesh

Ed. Rich Holden


Noel K. Hannan

Nucomix #6

Adult S.F


Terrance Higgins anthology

Over the Edge

S.F./Humour anthology


Ed. Pete Ashton

Rabbit Reprint

Gordon Whitelock

Shock Corridor #9

Ed. Larry Watson

Slang #1

Sean Longcroft
Rob Davis


Ed. Luke Walsh

Tim True Stories

Ed. Tim Pilcher

Many thanks to Mr Terry Wiley for compiling the data for this listing.

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