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Jan 1992

Luke Walsh

Banana Strip:
Luke Walsh

Gavin Burrows — The Claim With No Name Part 2 (Part 1 ZUM! #1)
S.D.Ma & Mike Kidson — UKCAC '91 Small Press Panel
Mike Kidson — Organise and Be Damned!

36 A4 pages





Slang #2

Sean Longcroft
Rob Davis

Luke Walsh

Braque (Seven issues so far)

Bib Edwards
Sepp Schlitz

Mike Kidson

Reactor Girl #2

Michel Vrana
Nick Crain
Sin Stephens
Jeff Evans
+ More...

Paul Schroeder

Mini Mesh #1&2

Rich Holden
Darryl Cunningham
Bob Lynch
Chris Hogg
Simon Fraser
+ More...

Mike Kidson


Paul Cockburn
Terry Hooper
Ben Dilworth
Raymond Weekes
Simon Mackie
Ben Rowden
John C. Harrison
Radiation Boy
Steve Doogan

Andrew Moreton

If Comix — Mental

Graham Harwood

James Connolly

Inkling #6

Aiden Potts
Martin Currie
Dave Vinicombe
John Erasmus
Jason Burr
+ More...

Mike Kidson

Vogarth #10

Ben Hunt

Ian Herring

Henrietta La Folle

Ed Pinsent

Graham Johnstone

Box of Eyes #2

Luke Walsh

Andy McDermot

Asphalt Brothers #1

Jason Richardson

Mike Kidson

Asphalt Brothers #2

Jason Richardson

Paul H. Birch


Bouncer Trelawn

John Mulcreevy

Discordia #1

Adrian Reynolds
Carole Tyrell
Andy Roberts
David Gedge
Paul Schroeder
Mark Buckingham
+ more...

Ed Pinsent

Anachronistic Timebomb Funnies #1

Nathan Tolzman

Hamish Ironside

Everyman — Story one

Lawrence Burton

John Mulcreevy

Colon #s 1&2

Tim Sagar
Tim Smallbone
Ben Farman

Gavin Burrows

Head #1

Dan Avenell
Jason Coleman
Nick Peters

Paul Schroeder

Retuurn To Planet Mong #s 2&3

Andy Bailey
Roy Pyper

Paul H. Birch

It's Not Satin

Ed Pinsent

Mike Kidson

Great Nation #1

Chris Flewitt
Gavin Butler
Steve Martin

Mike Kidson

Rabbit Reprint #5&6

Gordon Whitelock

Mike Kidson

Tim True Stories Vol II #2

Tim Pilcher
Paul Johnson
Tony Gage
Lee Brimicombe-Wood
Tony Lee
Ollie Sung
Andy Martin
Pete Libido
+ More...?

Paul H. Birch

Dream Logic #1

Nick Abadzis
Steve Whitaker

Paul Schroeder

Fanny #1 (Ceasefire)

Carol Bennent
Sharon Rudahl
Julie Hollings
Carol Swain
Annie Lawson
Jackie Smith
Claire Gammon
Jacqui Adams
Juliet Gosling
+ More...

Mike Kidson

Midnight #2


Paul H. Birch

Fantastic Life #2

Steve Marchant

Andy Roberts

Continuity — the 1st (?) conference report

Larry Watson
+ Various

Mike Kidson

Fandom House (The U.S. Mail Order Comix House)

Fandom House

Luke Walsh


Angeldust Funnies

Andy Nixon


Ed. Tony Foster

The Big Lift #3

Humour Anthology

Blah Blah Blah!

Ed. Danny King

Buddies #1

Gay Anthology


Ed. Garen Ewing

The Dropship

Aliens Fanzine

Exteme Magazine

Ed. T. Hojager Olesen


Experimental (?) anthology

Francis Ronnan Bradbeer

Poetry, Prose, Pictures


Ed. Larry Watson

Heropress Showcase

Ed. Chris Lowe Genre Anthology

Looser's Paradise

Peter Rigg


Mythological Small Press Review zine from Pete Stanbury

Merry Christmas

Gordon Whitelock


Ed. Noel K. Hannan Sci-fi anthology

Over the Edge

S.F./Humour anthology


Ed. Pete Ashton

Shock Corridor

Ed. Larry Watson


Ed. Luke Walsh

Tales of Skittle-Sharpers and Thimble-Riggers #2

Chris Butler (W)
Chris Hogg (A)

Tim True Stories

Ed. Tim Pilcher


Ben Hunt & Sonja

The Way Of The World #1

Stuart McLune

The Womens' Illustrators And Writers Directory (Fanny)

Carol Bennett

Many thanks to Mr Terry Wiley for compiling the data for this listing.

: 17 Lime St, Todmorden, Lancs, OL14 5JN, UK. Mail ZUM!