Arnie #2
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arnie#2: (c) Simon Gane
Arnie #2 © Simon Gane

Arnie #2
Arnie #2
Contributors: Simon Gane, Gavin Burrows (script) & Simon Gane (art) .

Simon's Metal Hammer gig

ZUM!#10: Arnie#1

Arnie Comics #2 Simon Gane's Arnie Comix #2 from Slab-O-Concrete is a smart A5 Production complete with colour cover. Three tales cover 28 pages, the second of which is Les Peintres Maudits about Modigliani the painter pissing it up around Paris, is my personal favourite.

Fair-do's the work is well drawn, a good read, & finds itself in a comic with fine production values.

Had me smiling.

Arnie #2
32 32 A5 pages, full colour glossy cover.
Price: £1.50/$2,75US/$3.25Can.
Address: Slab O Concrete, PO Box 148, Hove, BN3 3DQ
Slab closed... so need to investigate where this can be purchased from - possibly from simon direct - Simon Gane, Arnie, PO Box 1802, Bath, BA1 3TJ
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