Astromutts #1
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Astromutts #1: (c) Dek Baker (script) & Tony Lawrence (art)
AstroMutts #1 © Dek Baker (script) & Tony Lawrence (art)

Astromutts #1
Created by Dek Baker (script) & Tony Lawrence

Dek plays bass

Wargods of Atlantis

One topic that is covered in many psychology courses is the strange similarity between the styles of children's drawings at various ages; at 3, they draw Daddy as a big face with arms and legs; at 5, they draw him with a body, but giant fingers and ears; and at around 25 or so, they draw an issue of Astromutts.

A corollary to the theory is the eerie similarity of style amongst folks who can't draw; not only does Tony Lawrence draw badly in the way everyone else draws badly, he is also convinced he actually can draw, so draws badly with gusto and enthusiasm.
Dek Baker also writes with gusto and enthusiasm, but not logic or originality.

The plot (4 dogs fired into space in 1965 are discovered in 2877 evolved into anthropomorphic space dog people) mainly consists of vainly trying to tie up 2 loose ends for every 3 generated, and even by the admission of one of the characters 'makes little or no sense whatever'. Thus, despite Dek being a stalwart of small press for many years, I cannot advise anyone to send him the 75p required for one of these unless recovering from experimental brain surger.
Terry Wiley

Astromutts #1:
24 A5 pages, colour stock cover.
Price: 75p +P+P
Dek Baker, Cherokee Comics, 50 Haver Av, Kingstanding, Birmingham, B44 0PP
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