A Life in Comics
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A Life in Comics #2&3
A Life in Comics (c) David Miles Golding
A Life in Comics #2 © David Miles Golding

A Life in Comics
David Miles Golding.

Red Dog, Blue Dog

Tommy Toothhead

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A Life in Comics (#2 and 3 reviewed here) are A6 mini-adventures featuring Dave and his friends, small but fierce South Park-like avatars that wobble but don't fall down.
In issue #2, Dave's short day starts with a threesome with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Carmen Electra and ends in a cinema smelling of fish. #3 details the perils of trying to send letters when your local postmistress is Jabba the Hutt.
Amusing autobiographical quickies from an accomplished artist with a keen sense of comic pacing.
Heather Middleton

A Life in Comics #7,8&9
A Life in Comics (c) David Miles Golding
A Life in Comics #7 © David Miles Golding (below left: A Life in Comics #8 © David Miles Golding)

A Life in Comics (c) David Miles GoldingA Life In Comics by David Golding is a mini-marvel (hyuk hyuk).
A pocket -sized 8 page bundle of fun where Dave's cartoon alter ego let's us in on the events of his chaotic life. Issue 7 is pretty good, as Dave intoduces us to his friend who's having some serious girlfriend problems. So serious, in fact, that he cannot be identified in the comic, so appears with a bag over his head (His name's Paul, by the way). The dialogue is sharp and funny, (there's a killer Spidey gag I'm dying to steal) while the art is cool and lively, helped immensely by the fact the characters look like Weebles (wobble but they don't fall down). This is really a stand-up routine in comic book form, at least as good as Captain Dolphin, but better drawn (sorry, Ralph!)
Issues 8 & 9 are even better, as Dave regales us with the tale of his ex-girlfriend Sarah, who, "had a black heart that pumped satan's bile through her twisted body”. As long as you're not bitter about it, Dave, that's the important thing...
This really is quality stuff, individualistic, funny and smart. The only real drawback is that there's not enough of it. I'd say to Dave, spend the money, put all the issues into a book on decent paper, and it'd really fly. The material's worth it.
Pete Doreé

A Life in Comics:
#2, 3, 7, 8 & 9: 8 A6 pages, each.
Price: 25p +P&P.
Address: David Miles Golding, 120 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Northampton, W Yorks, WF6 1LR
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