Alternating Crimes #2
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Alternating Crimes#2: doesn't pay Alternating Crimes #2 © Artists/s not noted

Alternating Crimes #2
Editors: Dave Gallant, Danielle Nation, Russell & Judd Boone
Contributors: Jeff Rooney, Ned Irvine, Jim Jackson, Dale Flatum, Russell Christian, Thomas DeVries & Jason Whitley.


Hell Car Comics

This is Alternating Crimes 2, a kind of prelude to Hell Car Comix. It's a small press magazine with an Editor in Chief, Daniel Gallant, two editors, four art and design directors and five other artists as contributors. With all those art directors it is not surprising that the emphasis is on the visual, from the transparent multicoloured cover to the six page 'special feature' in the middle. This means lots of overlapping images and minimal text. However, also included in this issue are Kitty Fufu, avenging the death of Ralphy Mousie in the bowels of FIS-CO's artificial intelligence research plant and meeting up with Bumpy Bunny and Chicken the Squirrel. There is also a two-page tale of youthful peeping tommery and seven scratchy pages by Paul Friedrich, Onion Head Monster attacks Ant City, which I rather liked. Since this zine was published Onion Head Monster has gone on to find fame in art galleries, T-shirts and on animated film. See for details. The editors invite contributions, articles and poetry, indeed any 'solidly crafted work', so they obviously saw AC as more than a simple comic zine. There are a couple of other nicely illustrated bits in this issue and overall Alternating Crimes is harmless enough with high production values, though the cover of the review copy has fallen off, but not one to rush out and buy.
Maurice Wakeman

Alternating Crimes #2:
32 26x17cm pages, 2 color tracing paper outer cover & 2 colour inner cover (swanky production values).
Price: $3.25 inc P+P from the US.
Address: Hell Car Comix, Alternating Crimes Publishing, PO Box 5425, Raleigh, NC 27650-5425.
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