Astonishing Beer Stories #7
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Astonishing Beers Stories #7: (c) Nigel Sambells
Astonishing Beer Stories #7 © Nigel Sambells

Astonishing Beer Stories #7
Created by Nigel Sambells

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Astonishing Beer Stories #4&5 in ZUM!#10

Full Monty's Astonishing Beer Stories looks like a great read. It's political, stylised & cocky, which is fine by me.

The problem I have though is I find the excessive use of straight lines, the lack of shading or cross-hatch, the visual similarities between characters, the way the frames sometimes encroach upon other frames across the page due to a lack of definition or just a bit of space between them, made reading the mag a less attractive prospect.

If thought has gone into making this the comics style then fair enough, but personally I found it hard work on the eye, however admirable the message & enjoyable the text.


Astonishing Beer Stories #7:
44 A4 pages, colour stock cover.
Price: £1 inc P&P.
Address: N. Sambells, Full Monty Small Press, 47 Upper Green St, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 2RB.
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