The British Sketchbook vol.2

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anachy archie
The British Sketchbook vol.2 © David Hobden
The British Sketchbook vol.2
Editor: Darryl Cunningham
Contributors: Criag Conlan, Rueben Wilmott, Ian Cairnes, Bib Edwards, Mark A Jones, Luke Walsh, Louise M Evans, Steve Martin, Jeremy Lewis, Mal Earl, Andi Watson, Jonathan Edwards, Bill Naylor, Greame Ried, Anton Roberts, Will Kane, Clive Scruton, Denny Derbyshire, Simon Gane, John Miller, Greame N Reid, Ralph Kidson, Paul Hatcher, Jeremy Lewis
My 1974 Topper Annual was a favourite then & remains so today, so thanks to The British Sketchbook for brightening my day by including accurate reproductions of old Topper favourites like Nick Kelly & Cedric, & Figaro the shambolic Mexican cowboy cum bank robber.

Although appearing at first sight to be merely a collection of old cartoon characters drawn afresh by the likes of Craig Conlan, Mark A Jones, Steve Martin & editor Darryl Cunningham, the work showcased in The British Sketchbook does have more depth; some are studies into drawing style while others offer new developments upon familiar characters.

Whatever, the works are well drawn & show precision & craft. Now all these people need are some decent scripts.


  da godmonkey
The British Sketchbook vol.2 © Jonathan Edwards
The British Sketchbook vol.2:
32 A5 pages, colour stock cover.
  Received at ZUM! HQ:
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  free with P+P   David Hobden, 46 Caning Town, Walthamstow, London, E17 6LT. ZUM! Also seems to have a couple of spare copies, so if David cannot help & you really need a copy write to the ZUM! HQ.  
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