Bad Attitude Boy #1
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Bad Attitude Boy #1 (c) Jim McGee
Bad Attitude Boy #1 © Jim McGee

Bad Attitude Boy #1:
Jim McGee

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Well, I'm old and jaded, of course, but I've seen a lot of comix like this one: Much punkish insult rudery, negativity taken to ludicrous extremes, faux-naive artwork, pointless cruelty and violence for the sake of cheap laughs...
All that, of course, doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. Bad Attitude boy himself, (who occasionally looks a bit like a demonic Calvin) somewhat lacks substance, but I quite liked his horribly cheerful, optimistic sidekick Bar-Fly, and some of the peripheral characters like Wally Werewolf, The Winged Ox and Vyctore the drippy Goth poet.
I haven't seen Jim McGee's work before, but he has a nice loose, variable line, and gives very good 'action'/violence. I think he'll probably produce fine work in the future, if he hasn't already. BAD ATTITUDE BOY is immature, a little bit lazy, a little bit derivative, but it's damned entertaining, and left me wanting to see more of McGee's stuff, and how it develops.
Lee Kennedy

Bad Attitude Boy #1:
16 A5 pages, colour stock cover.
Price: 70p + A5 or larger SAE
Jim McGee, Flat 2, 437 Hagley Road West, Quinton, B32 2AD.
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