Alleged Literature Artists' website Jeremy Dennis & Damian Cugley both have their base here.
Also the come for the 'home' of the Caption Convention & the Picky Game.
Accent UK Comics Hub Comics collective - links with Engine Comics, Devacomics & M56 comics 19vii04
submitted by Barry Renshaw
American Elf Artist's website James Kochalka's daily comic strip diary presented daily, in colour.
Also links to his other projects.
Artbabe Artist's website. Jessica Abel's website
As well as featuring her artwork there is a good amount of helpful information in the DIY section
Book of Lists Artist's website Paul B Rainy's website. 13ii03
Bugpowder Weblog Bugpowder started out as a UK comix distro, then an online comix shop & then the weblog with many subsites.
A good comix hub.
cabanonpress Artists' website Showcasing the work of Tom Gauld and Simone Lia. 19vii04
The Comics Journal Publisher's website Website of the respected American Magazine, The Comics Journal.
Features news about the magazine, including archives, essays & reviews. There is also a message board with lively, & mainly intelligent discussion about comics
Devacomics Comics Hub Website of More Than We Seem & Science Friction.
Also has a Small Press Comics Review Section.
Dachshund Artist's website
Andy's site has become well respected as a resource for samples of historic comics. The site also features samples of his own comics, the anthologies and the magazines he has put together as well as samples of his drawings from life.
(bugpowder subsite)
Dave Shelton Artist's website Comics & fella, illustrator etc; Dave's website contains samples of work, pdf downloads(s) & links to his blog. 22vii04
Disinfotainment Artist's website/Shop Mark Pawson sells his own art & also a selection of cultural ephemara (including some comix & zines) 24ii04
Ed Pinsent Artist's website Samples of artwork & comic strips 15ii04
Engine Comics Comics hub A "UK independent comics collective" - publishing, distributing, discussing.
Exercises in Style Artist's Website Matt Madden's concept piece inspired by the French writer Raymond Queneau.
Variations on a one page strip.
Gitland Artist's website Website of Robert Wells
Features many sample strips & link to weblog
Hicksville Artist's website Dylan Horrocks' website
Extensive samples of artwork & writings.
halquin.co.uk Artists website James Kaminski's website featuring his characters Ripline Q, Harlquin & others. Comics & artists sketches. 19vii04
Hope For Future Artists' website/comix home page Where to read & see samples of & buy Hope For The Future & Flying Monkey: The work of Simon Perrins & Dave Livesey (among others). 22vii04
jimwoodring.com Artist's website The work of extrordinary comic artists, Jim Woodring.
He also has a blog
John Bagnall Artist's website Comic samples, illios, sketchbooks - all cool drawings - yeay! 29iii04
Kingly Books Publisher Run by Marc Baines.
Publishers of books by John Bagnall, Ed Pinsent & Chris Reynolds, among others
Large Cow Artist's website The website of Hunt Emerson.
Comics & Comics, & stuff
Lorna Miller Artist's website The website of Lorna Miller who creates the comic Witch:
Comics Illustrations & stuff
Metaphrog Artist's website Creators of 'Louis' as well as many other comics books, all featured on thier website.
New Hat Stories Artist's website Tom Hart's website
Links to his many projects.
The O Men Artist's website Martin Eden's ongoing superhero soap 19vii04
Picky Picky Game Comics Jam Online Comics Jam
Open to contributions from all - next panel is decided on the votes cast for each weeks submission for the next panel.
Sectret Identity Comix Artist's website Comix by Sara Rosenbaum.
Sara also has a Livejournal
Serializer pay to view comics website Run by Tom Hart featuring many UK creators such as Glen Dakin, Phil Elliot, Metaphrog as well as many other quality creators. 07viii04
Smallzone shop Online store for small press comics distribution. 14ii04
Smell of Steve, Inc Artist's website Samples of comics & humour from The Smell of Steve, inc 18ii04
The Sound Projector Music Magazine Website Ed Pinsent's Music Magazine
Includes a gallery of artwork
StripBlogJam Comics Jam Comics Jam Weblog
Contributors take turns to add panels to a jam hosted in a weblog format.
(bugpowder subsite)
Stupidmonsters Weblog Weblog of comics creator Gary Northfield. 14ii04
There Goes Tokyo Comics Hub "distributing, making and promoting small press and indie comicbooks" 19vii04
True Stories Comics Artist's site Tony Mcgee's website
Samples of comix & news.
TRS UK Comix review site Comics Reviews Weblog
Comix reviews hosted in a weblog format.
(bugpowder subsite)
Virginia Gallery Artists's site Gordon Johnstones site
Comics to read.