Envelope & Stick #2

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  Envelope & Stick #2: cereal abuse
Envelope & Stick © Ralph Kidson.
Note: this image is an enlargement of the original.
Envelope & Stick #2
Ralph Kidson

Well, there's this couple, who are an envelope... and a stick...right? And, early-bird Stick gets up and makes the breakfast,before sluggard Envelope later discovers there are no RiceKrispies, and... um. I'm sorry, my brain is broken!
Ralphie is an undiscovered genius of contemporary British arts; hecould have an award-winning animated series or his own whole SouthBank show (if it hadn't turned to complete dumbed-down shite in thelast few years, that is).
Few in the small press (or in comics at all) have the ability tomake an envelope glare, or a stick sip tea with a cynical grin,which isn't actually there as a line on the page, but it's THERE,y'know?
Witness the wonder of Ralphie, please, send as much money aspossible & save the man from wasting any more time on a 'real'job so he can do more comics!
Terry Wiley

Envelope & Stick #2:20 A7 pages, colour card stock cover.   Received at ZUM! HQ:
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  40p +P+P   Ralph Kidson, RalphieComics, Ralphieville, 3 Langridges Close, Newick, Nr Lewes, E.Sussex, BN8 4LZ  
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