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  Gunk: niiiiiiiiice sliiiiiiiice
Gunk © Malcy Duff
Malcy Duff
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This I suspect is what home produced zines are all about. Malcy Duff exhibits a simple but clear artistic style and a distinctive, one might say revolting, imagination. Gunk features two main stories, Nailman and Green Sword and a couple of pages of fillers.
Nailman is no super hero. This is 124 days in the life of a character who collects toenails and fingernails and, well I won't tell you what he does with them.
Green Sword is the tale of little Egbert William Billiamson who, with a name like that, suffers at the hands of classmates and adults alike. Fortunately he finds a way of having his revenge and, well I won't tell you what he does with them.
If there is a theme to these tales it is one of bodies and bodily fluids. There's also a fair amount of cutting and hacking at limbs.
Gunk is both simple and thoughtful, though what it all means I wouldn't like to say. Not one for the squeamish but worth a look, if only between the fingers.
Maurice Wakehan

Gunk: 32 A5 pages   Received at ZUM! HQ:
  £1 (+P+P?)   Malcolm Duff, My Neck Is Worth 400 Pounds Comics, 54 (3f2), Sloan St, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 8RQ  
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