Protoprize #2

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protoprize (c) Drue Langois: tip top cop cat

Protoprize © Drue Langlois
Drue Langlois
The Royal Art Lodge

I am not an avid reader of Superhero comics; I have problems relating then to the world in which I live. To enjoy a comic, I find that you need to have some empathy with it. Team Superheroes are a further derivation of this genre which also leaves me cold.
If you take this comic at its basic premise, you might classify it as a team superhero comic, & I actively enjoyed it.
It arrived at ZUM! HQ a while back & I enjoyed it then. Re reading it with a view to review it still charms me.
The ideas & storytelling behind in this comic are playful - this playful attitude transmits well in the reading. The characters are silly - they have superpowers - which is a silly premise to start with - so why not have some fun? The 'heroes' of the comic hardly have a 'heroic' demeanour. Their reactions to events are more akin to the reactions of ordinary people.
The nature of the story itself has fun with that hoary standby of such comics: 'good' vs. 'evil'. Here the foe - or 'evildoer' is actually operating on the basis of eliminating evil, but as usual society is a lot more elastic that the Black & White of comics books. I suspect some heavy Catholic overtones, but not having studied the theology, I can only admit to guessing. This all makes it sound a lot more serious than it is, & I find myself having to emphasise again - that the storytelling is breezy & fun.
The Artwork is also playful. As an artist Drue is not afraid to experiment a little & the comic really resonates as the voice of an individual & interesting creator when he does this.
I should feel obliged to pick & find fault - but the book leaves me happy - so I can't be arsed with that..

Protoprize: 40 22x14cm pages, colour (copy?) card stock cover.   Recieved at ZUM! HQ:
  $6 (+P+P?)   Drue Langlois, 31 Winter Bay, Brandon, MB R7B 3H9, Canada.  
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