Spirit Of The Highwayman
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Spirit Of The Highwayman (c) David Hitchcock
Spirit Of The Highwayman © David Hitchcock

Spirit Of The Highwayman:
David Hitchcock


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The setting of the story is the village of Autree in 1739. Law and order has broken down, it seems, and the local squire, Septimus Blenkinsop, has taken to hanging both innocent and guilty alike. It soon becomes clear that his motives are not only to do with the restoration of peace to the village. For this is tale of devils and demons, of ghoulies and ghosties and spirits and buried treasure. And pretty good it is too.
This is an impressive A4 size, perfect bound black and white self published graphic novel. It is a revised, collected edition of a work originally produced in three parts in the early 1990s. It is well drawn in pen with pencil shading. There is lots of action, with fights, fires and chases and plenty of changes of scene. There are good ghosts helping the good guys and evil monsters bursting forth from the stygian depths to liven things up. There's even an ironic ending.
A useful list of characters can be found on the inside cover and a gallery of illustrations at the back. Bryan Talbot, Alex Ross and Dez Skinn say complimentary things on the back cover, and who am I to argue? (Well, I might but they're right).
This book is now (2004) out of print so even if you wanted to part with £6 you are too late. However David has been thinking of re-issuing the work in yet another format. So keep your eyes open. Why not have a look at his website and weblog and see what else he has to offer.
Maurice Wakeham

Spirit Of The Highwayman:
52 A4 pages, squarebound, glossy card cover.
Price: £6/$10.95 (+P+P?) (05ii05: presently sold out)
David Hitchcock, 18 Woodhurst Close, Derwent Heights, Derby, DE21 4SG.

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