Talking Bread Heads

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  Talking Bread Heads (c) Craig Burston
Talking Bread Heads © Craig Burston
Talking Bread Heads
Craig Burston
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Gleaming the details of life passing by.
The premise: a glyph character (the author) gets on a train and as the journey progresses we listen in on passing conversations. The dialogue seems truthful enough, but I wonder how it is sampled? Has Craig got an incredible memory for transient conversations, or a little recording device that steals voices from the air?
The artwork is gestural almost scribbled in its cartooning, but at times also highly polished and manipulated - I suspect the use of a computer rather than a photocopier. The images are repeated and reused (remixed) and although this sounds like it should be visually boring, Craig manages to avoid tedium by imaginative use of cropping and focus; lines become more abstract.
I am subject to first impressions as anyone and I have to concede I found myself more interested in this minicomic than I thought my initial inspection suggested - the look and feel of it left me unimpressed. Then I actually read and digested it and I happily stand corrected. So then - what is the base appeal that triggers the intellectual interest? Perhaps it's the need to feel included in life, or maybe perhaps the illicit delight of eavesdropping.

Talking Bread Heads 44 A6 pages   Recieved at ZUM! HQ:
  £2 +P+P   Craig Burston, Skip-Rat designs, 79b Charlton Rd, London, SE3 8TA  
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