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Name of the reviewed comic and ©the person/s who created it.
Comic Details section:
Detailing the names of those who have contributed to the reviewed comic.
Links to websites & maybe mail that are related to the comic & contributors thereof: ie: mail ZUM!.

So - you want an explanation as to what ZUM! is or what all these pages of comics are about?
ZUM! is a comics review zine. This Electronic ZUM! serves the same purpose - serving as a portal to show you a diverse range of small press comics. The term 'Small Press Comics/Comix' refers to those comics that are generally published by the person who created them. Many more other definitions exist, but I refuse to be drawn into such pedantic debates. What you have are comics created for the love of the medium.
Please look around the site. Please order comics from people if you interest is piqued.
ZUM! strives to ensure that all the details given are correct, but naturally cannot be held responsible if items ordered are not received. If by some bizarre slim chance this does happen to you, please contact us as soon as possible as we like to be informed of such matters so that any appropriate action can be taken.

This page also serves as an example & explanation of the layout of the comic review pages on this site.
For example this area of type would contain the comic review text. From this you can judge for yourself, in relation to the sample art that would be shown above, whether you feel you want to order a copy of the comic from its creator. Go on - give it a go!
The Top Bar on the page will give you the name of the comic. Sometimes, if there are more than 1 issue of the comic being reviewed there will be sub titles above each comic page image.
The Right Hand Side Bar gives you more information as to who has contributed to the comic in question & some handy links for further information (in many cases these links will take you off the ZUM! site).
The Bottom Bar details the all important ordering information:
Comics physical statistics:Tell you the physical dimensions of the comic either in mm (millimetres in height x width) or the 'metric' paper size (A4=297x210mm, A5=210x140mm etc). If nothing is mentioned in the general description of the comic, assume that it will be photocopies on plain white paper stock
Received at ZUM! HQ: bear in mind that on the whole small press comics have, what you might call, a long shelf life, so although a comic may look to have been in circulation for some time creators could well have a couple of issues hanging around. If you are in any doubt though, try sending a Stamped Self Addresses envelope to the address in question to see if items are still available.
Name of the reviewer of the comic in question

Comics physical statistics: ie: 24 (number of pages) A5 (paper size) pages (duh!), colour printout cover (sample of 'general description').   Received at ZUM! HQ:
Sometimes not wholly informative due to lack of records kept.
  £/$ How much the comic is! (+P+P?) - this indicates I don't know if postage & packing is included in the price - assume not & send a little extra to cover.   Name of person that money orders are payable to is emboldened, where as the address to which to send off for comics is plain text.  
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