Wargods of Atlantis

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Wargods of Atlantis #3 & 4

Wargods of Atlantis #3: bangin' on!
Wargods of Atlantis #3 © Dek Baker with inks by Paul Davis
Wargods of Atlantis #3
Dek Baker with inks by David Morris & Paul Davis
Wargods of Atlantis #3 #4
Dek Baker with Chris Harper assist & Martin Stephenson inks

A network of talented Midlands readers, artists & writers - and their friends; have been responsible for much 90's small press comics activity.
Two issues of Warggods of Atlantis (no's 3 & 4) are black & white 'time portals' on the best Marvel & DC comics of the 60's & early 70's. More play than pastiche.
Off-page printing, crude drawing & lettering, along with misspellings (even the most grammatically correct scribe is capable of spelling mistakes when lettering) does not mar the telling of Dek Baker's creation about Lion-rulers, their struggle for power in Atlantis; and conflict with Chronos Prime, 'black soul in a steel shell'
MIke Weller.

Wargods of Altantis #8

Wargods of Altantis #8: (c)Dek Baker, inked by Russell Ferguson: SHUT UP AND FIGHT!
Wargods of Atlantis #8 © by Dek Baker, inked by Russell Ferguson
Wargods of Atlantis #8
Dek Baker, Richard Elson, Chris Harper, Russell Ferguson, Daren Tylor, Darren Chandler
The prolific Dek Baker is a name seemingly associated with small press in much the same way as Jack Kirby is with Marvel, with other titles like 1966, KIRBYVILLE and LEGENDS OF ATLANTIS. Ironically this issue of his bombastic homage to the King is, believe it or not, the first of his I've read (even though I was given this to review over a year ago!).
Inspired by Kirby's New Gods, the book is illustrated in suitably Silver Age b/w style. As an introductory issue however, it is a bit confusing, jumping in over half way through the series, but does give the urge to seek out the other issues. A 'Story so Far' box would have helped while still maintaining that Marvelous feel.
We open with Citizen One, a newly cloned, over-muscled Aryan receptacle for Adolf Hitler's brain, being trained to lead the sinister Amoeba Plus Project, that is if they can tear him away long enough from the mirror. Meanwhile downtown, the Wargods tangle with the powerful Calamatus, apparently the Enforcer of Zion. They realise just how powerful when teammate Drongo is fatally injured, despite the combined efforts of the Wargods, Power Unlimited (The Avengers homage) and even Rockface of the Challengers (FF).
As you would expect, it's action packed stuff with some great lines of dialogue, "We may need a change of underwear before this day is done!". It's worth the investigation of any Kirby or superhero fan, as Dek is obviously building up an intelligent story arc, with conspiracies, mysterious windows into the Anti-verse and a palace under occupation. The artwork looks a little rushed in places, especially compared to his later, more polished art in say THE PART-TIME 'M' GIRLS. Better general production values I think would also be an added benefit.
Overall its entertaining stuff, and well worth 75p. Now I'm off to find the rest of them so I can work out what's going on!
Barry Renshaw
Wargods of Atlantis
#3 & 4:
Each 28 A5 pages, colour stock cover.
#8: 32 A5 pages, colour stock cover
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  75p each+P+P   Dek Baker, Cherokee Comics, 50 Haver Av, Kingstanding, Birmingham, B44 0PP
Also available via Smallzone
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