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"Here is the NYYYYYEWWWWWWS!!!"

This a useful area for snippets of news, site history, links & suchalike.

also see Site History

24/2/03: Added a Calender - hopefully you might better see what ZUM! things I do.

31/1/03: Comics received recently:
Um... rather a few... This is rather embarrasing. Life has been taking precidence, basically. I am resolving to become 'more comics obsessed' - so hopefully traffic through here should improve.

23/8/02: Quite a few comics received over the last few months - will catalogue them presently.
Changes afoot!
New domain name: zumcomics.info & just updated the catalogue - removing the 157Kb of html & replacing it with smaller alphabetical listing. Struggled to get it to look better in IE on a PC, but got pissed off with it. If anyone can tell me how to get the BoxHack to work I'd be grateful.

13/2/02: Comics received recently:
sorry for the lack of recent updates - life has been somewhat hectic of recent & unfortunately something has to give somewhere.
Still - in no particular order the following has delighted me by arriving on my doorstep:
EastWest by Toby Gerard Parsons
Magazine #4 & Konky Kru by Andy. New Konky stories - good on!
Decades of confusion feed the insect (by Justin)
A lovely mass of mess from Hogswater graphotism & a cd!
Stiro #1 (by Mardou & Fortenski) I actually bought this on in FP in Manchester - near fell over in amazement - a small press comic in FP Manchester!!?? surely not??!
There's also another comic from America that I'm sure I had put in a safe place as it had rude bits, but perhaps not (sigh). It'll turn up...

21/12/01: Baby due very soon in the schroeder household. May not be able to concentrate well for a bit... bear with me...

20/12/01: Received in the post: Hoofprints (latest Malcy Duff comic... lovely!)

15/12/01: Received in the post: Strip For me #3&5

8/12/01: Bought in comic shop in Leeds: Flaming Hamster #2 & uh - summat else (duh)

5/12/01: Received in the post: Hieronymous Bush #1&2

22/11/01:Pleased to say I've finally officially opened the ZUM!#10 arcive/mini-site.

16/11/01: Received in the post: Giant Clam #1 (new Ralphie comix!)

29/10/01: Received in the post: Leaflit Imp & A Protocol Love (latter just being words... so mot really a comic (sigh).

11/10/01: Received in post from the exceptionaly pleasant fellow Dalton Sharpe: Stay as You Are #4 (by Brad Young), All Weather Vol 2 by Marc Ngui, m@b #11 by Matthew Blackett & Protoprize #2 by Drue Langois - woo!

11/10/01: Received in post: Strange Weather Lately collection Vol #1 & #2, Louis: Lying to Clive - coo - lovely big books from Metaphrog

29/9/01: Bought comic: Flaming Hamster #1.

24/9/01: Received in the post: Remnants #something or other...

Have been working on putting the reviews I have, to which I do not have an accompanying image as per here, but have stalled a little as been busy attending to walls.

1/9/01: Bought from Leeds Comic Shop: i hate everyone #3.

27/8/01: Bought from Leeds Comic Shop: Dishes #3, i hate everyone #2, The Life & Adventures of Fleshwounds Minor.

11/8/01: Got some Junk mail from Miracle Studios. Thought I'd mention it as they seem to professing that they sell "Comic Book Pro-Boards" at a reasonable cost. I am no judge of this as I don't use such fancy things.

5/8/01: Mail from Paul Carstairs that that they have a Malcy Duff Comic up on their cucomics site.

4/8/01: Received in post: The Complete Boring Boy & Cha Cha sketchbooks from Neale Blanden.

4/8/01: Received in post: ButterGuy #1 from Freakypuds's comix. See more at the Butterguy site.

22/7/01: ZUM!#10 Archive is on site, but not fully ready yet, thus links are not active yet... but if you now where to look...

18/7/01: Received in post: Obscurity Unlimited Dimestore Productions again.

20/6/01: Received in post: Obscurity Unlimited a Dimestore Productions thing.

5/6/01: Received in post: Hell Car Comix #3 - ooh - free CD!

1/6/01: Received in post: Japanize #6 & #10 (already got #6)

26/5/01: Received in post: Eyeball on Windsheild Malcy Duff's latest morbid bizarro offering

Old News

Any assistance with updates of contacts for the following small press people would be much appreciated:

Enrico Ariis
Ros Garbles (Ros Arminshaw)
Pete Doree
Mat Dyer
Flix Gillet
Chris Hogg
Jeremy Lewis
Tom Murphy
Max Traffic

If you have recently changed address & not told ZUM! - please drop me a line.

If you feel the urge to assist in the making of ZUM! please contact me.  You wanna do some reviewing, mebbe?

Further Assistance:

Due to some bad filing & organisation a little while back I have some reviews, that I cannot as yet post up as I've no image to put with them... dur.
So, if there is anyone out there with a copy of the following comics that you can either lend me, or send a decent sample page from then please mail me. Ta!

Big Sins: Book One by Chris Askhan & Darren Powell
Complicity by Jim Cameron
Disillusion by Jim Cameron
E. Soames by Mark Campos
Fifteen Nuns #4, 5 & 6 by John McRea, Tom Oakes, Ben Oakes & John Cake
Memories Of A Murderer by Giulia Brusco
Psychosense #10 by Mitzy
Sad Animal #3 by Ralph Kidson
Sap #2 by Simon Gane
Skirocore #8 (anthology)
Terrible Sunrise by Stan Martin
Transition by Jim Cameron
A Virtual Circle #'s 1-6 by Patrick Brown (one review)
Zeitraum #2 Anthology
Zervanilia #3 by Denny Derbyshire

Resource Links:

UK Small press comics orientated Blog with useful stuff like TRS UK Small Press Reviews & Andy's Dachshund; a real web comics & comics history resource.

As with ZUM! this stalwart of UK Zine Reviews is back (online).

Cu Comics
UK Small press comics publisher displaying online content.

Highwater Books
US Indy Book Pubishers

UK small press comics cataloge & ordering

Creator Links:

There should be a damn sight more than I have listed here - but I never have the time - if you want to send me a mail & suggest a site - please do!

Jessica Abel

Go Creations
Greg Oakes - fat-boy crumb wanabe ;) hehehehe...

Dylan Horrocks

minimalist british humour
me ;)

New Hat
Tom Hart

A ol' favourite comic of mine called Harpy

Hey - isn't that the guy that did Samurai Jam all those years back... heh heh

Site History:

19/3/03: Added Review: Stiro & Flimsy Monsterworks #2
Added Review: Goathland #9 & Giant Clam

Added Review: Goatland

Added Review: Fusion#2
24/2/03: Added Calender
20/2/03: Tweaked HTML in Catalogue
Added Review: Cherona
Added Review:
Moo & Mhairi

29/10/01: Added Review: Zervanalia #1&2.
26/10/01: Added Review: Silver #1.
23/10/01: Added Review: Ugo #3.
19/10/01: Added Reviews: Two to Beam Up #1 & Wake Up with Peter Engel.
24/9/01: Took a night off decorating & added the Boring Boy review. There are a few more added as per prev comment, but time has been short of recent.
2-3/9/01: Repairing the links to the Zervanila review... forgot I'd left Z a mess - oops. Makes me think that I should post up the reviews I've had that do not have images for as per here. 28/8/01: Added Review: Two to Beam Up #2
27/8/01: Been adding links to reviews in the catalogue
21/8/01: Added Review: The Maze
19/8/01: Rejigged this & the navigation page a bit. Starting to put title="blar, blah" descriptions in at Pete Ashton's suggestion... I really should have realised that was a problem before on the Mac Platform (silly me).
16/8/01: Added Review: Crushzine.
30/6/01: Added Review: Brides of Dracula
24/6/01: Added Review: The Assassin & The Whiner
10/5/01: Added Review: Lost Shoe Comics
9/5/01: Added Review: Disillusion
5/5/01: Added Review: Japanize
18/4/01: Added Review: O Men

Old History (like history is 'new')

ZUM! HQ: 17 Lime St, Todmorden, Lancs, OL14 5JN, UK. Mail ZUM!