Sap #2

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Sap #2. Unfortunately ZUM! does not have a sample image at present.
Sap #2:
Story: Kim Fern & Ian Lynam.
Art: Simon Gane.

Hmmm... Sap... um... err... I've read this issue several times and my brain still won't give me a definite opinion on this comic... I don't think that's a good thing. This is the first time I've seen a full comic of Simon Gane's much lauded work and I... err... can't make up my mind about it! I like the style and it's attractive, but at the same time I can't get my eyes to focus on some of the panels! There are so many lines and not enough black. Personally I'd prefer the backgrounds etc. to be drawn slightly finer so that the characters stand out a little more. I found myself staring lovingly at the mostly black 'The Story so Far' page to give my eyes a rest!
I can't make up my mind on the story either. I think this is mainly due to not having read issue #1. The issue seems a little lightweight without pre and post issues to back it up. Boy sees girl. Girl sees boy. Love at first sight? Will they get it together in the end? As I'm not sure how many more 'fucking fuck-you fucker' characters I can cope with, and I don't think I care!
Hopefully the next issue will change my mind. Simon Gane fans will love it. Buy it anyway, and make up your own mind. I'm off to the opticians.

Sap: 28 28x22cm pages, card stock cover.   Recieved at ZUM! HQ:
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  1.50/$2 +P+P?   Simon Gane, Arnie, PO Box 1802, Bath, BA1 3TJ
Migraine, PO Box 2337 Berkley, CA 94702, USA
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