Bad Animal
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Bad Animal #1 (c) Ralph Kidson - oooh yeah - do it to me baby (etc, & so on)
Bad Animal ©Ralph Kidson

Bad Animal:
Ralph Kidson, Dave Morris & Tim Brown

Envelope & Stick
Giant Clam
God Sneaks Round The Back of Creation For A Fag Break
Sad Animal #3&4
Two To Beam Up
ZUM!#10: Allens#1
ZUM!#10 Sad Animal #1&2

Three or four years ago, you couldn'tspit in the street without hitting someone who was raving about Ralphie Kidson's work. He was responsible for a run of small press classics such as Captain Dolphin and Sad Animal. Not to mention the I Love Crusties strip in Sofa, whichwas so good that even I liked it.
All this I tell you because of what I have to do in this review of Ralph's latest. Yes, Bad Animal really isn't very good. Inside this overpriced and (on my copy anyway) poorly printed booklet seems to be his take on sex. Yes, sex. Are you shocked and appalled yet?
The first strip, with Envelope & Stick manages the amazing achievement of being both brief and overlong. And at one page, too.The second is seven pages of a couple of aquarium sharks bragging about whether they would 'do' females who walk past the tank. An unfunny premise results in a, well, unfunny strip. And as for Hardcore Hamsters, I'm sure that sort of thing has been done much better elsewhere.
You used to be so good at this, Ralphie dear. Please tell us what's wrong.
It helps to talk, you know...
Matthew Lawrenson

Bad Animal:
20 A6 pages, colour stock pages, colour card stock cover.
Price: £1.00 (+P+P)
Ralph Kidson, RalphieComics, 3 Langridges Rd, Newick, Nr Lewes, BN8 4LZ
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