Sad Animal

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Sad Animal #3

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Sad Animal #3. Unfortunately ZUM! does not have a sample image at present.
Sad Animal #3&4:
Ralph Kidson
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I've read a lot of good stuff about Ralphie's work, so a while back I bought myself Captain Dolphin. I found it rather mild. I was quite pleased when mooncat sent me Sad Animal as I thought that I must have been unlucky with the issue of Captain Dolphin I got hold of!
Sad Animal is a pocket-sized comic. The art is Ralphie's usual quick simple, (but not unattractive) style. He manages to display a large amount of expression and emotion with only a few pen strokes. Issue #3 centres mainly on spiders. It's not a bad comic by any means but once again I found this comic rather mild. The most I got out of it was a smile.
Sad Animal is a gentle guinea pig of a comic that you can carry around in your coat and let your friends stroke now and again, but the most it ever does is growl quietly and have a small poo in your hanky.

Sad Animal #4

Sad Animal © Ralph Kidson

The editorial comment on Squiddly Diddly is followed by an analysis of Champion The Wonder Horse, some crucial comment on animal rights and a tale of a murderous vet. Funny animal comics are represented by Colin Crab and Nazi Cat. An Envelope and Stick strip is included - I gather there was more where this came from.
I suppose the style is minimalist. The pages are small and the art is scrawly, and probably harder to do than it looks. It might give you a laugh though.
Maurice Wakeman.

Sad Animal #3: 32 A6 Pages, colour card stock cover.
Sad Animal #4: 24 A6 Pages, colour card stock cover
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  Sad Animal #3: 80p +P+P
Sad Animal #4: 60p +P+P
  Ralphie Comics, Ralph Kidson, 3 Langridges Close, Newick, Nr Lewes, E Sussex, BN8 4LZ  
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