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What's going on...

twitting thing

The purpose of this page is to aid your navigation around ZUM!

The ZUM! logos are generally coded. The embossed logo brings you here. The flat logo takes you to the Archive, & the white logo to the Catalogue.
Left, you have alphabetical listings of reviews posted on the web site - click on a letter for a listing.
If you're looking for something specific, try the Googletm search.
For the latest updates as to what's happening at ZUM! HQ go the Calendar.

Um.... As a disclaimer I guess I should add that you should also be over 18 years of age as some of the imagery you may stumble across that may accompany reviews could give you palpitations if you are of a sensitive nature.
Get away with you, you young uns!

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comix.org.uk sites

The Betsy Heavens Comic Strip Company
The Comics of Steve Martin featuring Terrible Sunrise

The Sisterson! Project
Jam Comix!
ZUM! Ed's slapdash website
Ralph Kidson
Featuring the 1st 2 issues of Captain Dolphin
Pet Static
The work of Zeke S Clough
Richard Argent's
Comics & Cartoons
wiLbur's 'daily' comic strip:
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Visual Associations
Micheal J Weller's work, including a new American Mythology project
John Welding
Featuring his Awakefield comics
The Omen
Martin Eden's ongoing Superhero based comic.

ZUM! is part of comix.org.uk
comix.org.uk is part of ZUM!

What is ZUM!?

ZUM! is as a UK small press comix review zine & was created in 1991 by Luke Walsh & Mike Kidson. Current Editorship is with Paul Schroeder (me). Details of previous comics can be viewed in the Archive. The ZUM!#10 archive contains all the reviews, but no images.

The latest edition of ZUM! is #11 (summer 2003) and this pools reviews from this website. The time between issues is generally due to life.

ZUM! on the net is different from ZUM! on paper; for one thing in the magazine I always wanted the image samples that accompany reviews to be bigger. Now they are - but complicated images can take longer to download. For every plus there's a minus - Hey ho!

If you would like to have your comic reviewed, or would like to contribute to ZUM! please contact ZUM! on the address below.

ZUM! HQ: 17 Lime St, Todmorden, Lancs, OL14 5JN, UK. Mail ZUM!